Today is just one of “those” days.


I don’t know if it’s the weather being so gloomy today, or not being able to sleep for the past few nights.. But whatever it is, I’m just not feeling today…. Today I’m just not feeling 100% myself, & it’s really annoying the crap out of me! It’s so easy giving up on everything you’ve worked so hard for, when you’re having one of those down moments and today is one of those days I just feel like giving up on all of my hard work and dedication! 

I wouldn’t say it’s stress, because it’s not! I think I’m just more so overwhelmed with everything that’s going on, involving school and just trying to finish this semester off on a positive note! This has been by far the most challenging, overwhelming semester I’ve ever had! I don’t know if it’s because I’m so close to graduating, that I’m starting to get cold feet and the negative thoughts are just overflowing! As much as I want to stay positive and look at the bigger picture, today I just can’t! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve dropped out of college 20+ times this semester already lol. I know this might sound bad, but it’s the God honest truth! It’s just something about this semester, I just wasn’t mentally prepared! 

I sometimes just ask myself “just take a break and try again another semester, or maybe even next year”, & I know that’s not going to work for me because I’m too impatient and want things to go my way, that I get so caught up in wanting things to work on my timing and not trusting God’s timing for me! I know I shouldn’t worry about anything he has planned for me, but it’s hard and today it’s just harder to not worry about things turning out how I visioned it working out in my head! 

Quick Pep Talk:

I know as women, we tend to shy away from our goals or achieving some of the many things we need to do, whenever we feel overwhelmed with life in general! We also tend to get so caught up in distractions which makes us lose focus on the things that’s important, to only focusing on things that’s not going to benefit us in no way shape or form. I guess it’s easier said then done, but sometimes you just need a boost of energy to get you through a tough day, like the one I’m having now! But hopefully the rest of the week turns out better and I’m able to get some type of energy boost! 💜


9 thoughts on “Today is just one of “those” days.

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Just remember to keep pushing through it even harder than before every time you catch yourself falling off and you will continue to strive. Believe in your strengths, believe in YOU!

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  2. I think everyone has days like this but you gotta keep your faith. Faith meaning in your darkest hour, you can stop yourself and say God’s got a plan for me. Stay strong. If you feel in your heart that your meant for more, then keep that in your heart and push for more.


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