Settling season is OVER!


Have you ever felt like you could be doing better with your time, or you know you deserve better than what you’ve been settling for this year? It’s like you don’t know if you want to do this, or if you want to do that! Which kind of makes you feel a little inconsistent when it comes to checking off your 2016 goals, because you don’t know where to actually begin? Like you know you have the right resources/information to get you to where you know you can be, but you don’t have the motivation to actually do it? Yup, me too! 

I don’t know what it is about 2016, but my mind has been all over the place with actually tackling my 2016 goals. The last month or so, I haven’t been having any type of motivation to do anything what so ever! I don’t know if it’s from axienty or just simply being overwhelmed with everything on my get it done list! I know I made a familiar post about this subject, or something like this but it’s definitely the truth! Like how can you have all of this burst of energy to do all of these things one day, then the next day don’t have the desire to do them? That’s a great question I had to ask myself over the weekend, & I’ve came to the conclusion that my settling season is OVER! I want more, & I want to do more and what better time to start a life you’ve always dreamed of than now? I mean, I don’t have anything what so ever holding me back, but myself so why not go for it and do the things I actually want to do?

I guess this weekend really opened up my eyes and ears to some really honest but hurtful truths! When you know you have what it takes to actually get yourself to where you need to be, but all you can think about is the things that could go wrong instead of worrying about the things that can actually go right… That’s when we tend to place fear over our faith and that’s just something I vow to never do to myself again! I guess things are better done than said, but I know if I can be consistent with other things that really doesn’t matter to me, than why not be consistent with things I know will benefit me in the future? It’s either I’m going to be 50/50, or 100/100! There’s no in betweens, excuses or negative thinking when I know these things can get done and have a positive impact on myself and future! 


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