Why it’s important to make time for your spouse.


I know we all get busy/ overwhelmed with life and it’s many obstacles, that we tend to neglect our spouses in the process of our hectic work schedules. I know it can be hard trying to make time for your spouse when you have children, especially little bitty babies! Trying to find a babysitter to get out of the house for just a few hours to get some much needed air, & just a general break from life for just a few hours! 

You don’t have to pick some place super fancy “unless you want too”, but sometimes a date night can be you guys chilling at home, watching a movie and simply having a great conversation about life/etc. Sometimes just being able to talk to your spouse about how your week is going can help with communication in your relationship, if communication is being lacked due to less time spent with one another. 

How many times should you do date night:

I personally think 1-3 times a month, is pretty standard and simple! This doesn’t have to be going to a restaurant or something really fancy, but getting the house to y’all selves for a few hours is always a plus when you have children! If your schedule is different from your spouse, MAKE TIME! There’s nothing like consistency and someone trying to spend quality time with you when they know you guys are both super busy and just want to forget about work and all of the other things life throws at us to spend some much needed time with one another.

If you have children:

Stop making excuses, saying you can’t do this or you can’t do that because you guys have children! If you truly love someone, you will definitely make it a priority to make your relationship a priority as well! Not saying put your relationship/marriage before your children, but simply a few little hours out of your day to spend alone with your spouse! This can be after you’ve done put the children to bed, & you guys got that few hour window before they wake up to talk, catch up on what’s been going on at work and just filling each other in on what’s going in at work or etc. I know some people don’t even ask their spouse how their day at work went, but to me I think it’s important to ask! Maybe your spouse wants to tell you how their day went, & just want someone to listen to them vent if they’ve had a really rough day! Consistency and communication is definitely key, & it doesn’t hurt to let your spouse know that you care!

We can say that when things begin to settle down in ourlives, then that’s when we’ll start to make time for our spouses but sometimes that’s not the case because sometimes things don’t never settle down, your life can become more and more hectic as the days go by! Your spouse should be the person who makes your days brighter when you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s happening in your life! I think just showing your spouse consistency, affection, love, support and attention will definitely go a very long way! 

I know women and men see things differently, because we’re all different in our own little way but let your spouse know how you’re feeling and just being upfront about you guys needing to spend time together and how important it is in your relationship! If you’re a person who only looks for the other to make the first move, try something new and plan the date! I know some people are fixed on the whole gender roles “which is okay, if that’s what you prefer”, but there’s nothing wrong with taking the other one out either! 

I guess the moral to this post is to stop making excuses when it comes to your relationship and spending time with your spouse, 45 minutes  is more than enough time to spend with partner! If you’re with someone who is constantly making excuses as to why they can’t make time for you, then it’s time to have a sit down with your partner and express how you feel about them not trying to make time for you or the relationship! No one is never that busy, where they cant take an hour out of their day to make you feel appreciated, loved and wanted! Period! 😊 


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