It’s okay to not have it all together. 


Do you ever feel like you should be doing more, or you should be at a certain stage in your life? Yup, me too! 

I always get told you’re doing this and you’re doing that, but to me that’s not enough! I want to do more, I want to be more and I want to continue to grow in every aspect in my life! I feel as though I could always be doing more than what I am already doing, but it’s hard trying to remind yourself that you’re still young and that you have your whole life ahead of you! But for me that’s not the case, I love keeping myself busy especially when it comes to chasing my dreams! 

Is wanting more a bad thing? Is it an illusion? Is it even real? What if the things I really want, become things I don’t really need? Why do we tend to always put more on our plate, when we know it’ll cause us to have burn outs and become stressed out? I guess these are some questions we often ask ourselves when we feel things aren’t going how we want them to go. 

I feel like in some of these cases where you want to just jump right ahead in your career, buying your first home or paying off all of your debits…. The first thing we need to do is to take a deep breath, & just breathe. Give yourself that little pep talk, & assure yourself that you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing right now and when the time comes for you to be where you’re supposed to be, you will be there! As long as you know you’re on the right track to being successful, then you’re doing a great job!

Here’s to my mothers, whose juggling it all… BREATHE!

Everything is going to be okay, you’re more than enough and you’re doing enough! Don’t let anyone tell you, you’re not doing all that you’ve set out to do! I know being a full time mother, student, working and maintaing a relationship with your spouse can become overwhelming but the way that God is set up, he’s making you uncomfortable for a reason! There’s always light at the end of every tunnel. Our children know that we work our behinds off to be able to take care of them, they know that mommy is superwoman and they love us unconditionally whether we have it or not! I think that’s what I love the most about my children is the fact that I can literally have the toughest week at work/school, but when I see their faces nothing else matters besides them! 

I guess over the years I’ve noticed that when I wake up each morning and don’t thank God for waking me up and being able to support my family, I’m already going to start my day off with complaining and looking for the negatives when I know I should be positive and thankful for all the things he has done for me and my family! It’s so easy to be ungrateful, when you know you’re blessed! The moment I began to trust in God’s timing and not my own, I started to see a shift in my life. I know I want to be somewhere further than where I am at, at this very moment but I also have to be patient and trust that everything I feel I’m going through is only bringing me closer to something great! 

Having that support system.

Being able to have people in your corner whenever you’re feeling down and out, can also help you make it through the toughest days! In the past 2-3 years, I have developed some of the most amazing friendships with women, who wants to see me prosper in life. You don’t come across those type of people too often, but when you do please let them know that they’re appreciated! Whenever I need to talk or vent to one of my friends, I know the things that they’re going to tell me is genuine and out of love and that’s what really matters the most! Sometimes you don’t want to get too personal and allow people into your business, but when you know you have genuine people in your corner, you tend to overlook that “I’m speaking too much” mentality! It works for me, when I’m able to be myself and say exactly what it is I’m feeling about the way things are going in my life! 

Turning those negatives thoughts, into positive thoughts!

I noticed when I pray every night before bed and when I wake up, my days are so much better! When you begin to speak nothing but positivity into your life, then you start to see better results in your attitude and the way you see things! I used to always tell myself, why aren’t things going the way I want them to go and I realized that I was always being negative and never allowing positive thinking into my life. We’re so quick to blame others for our lives being screwed up and not fully taking responsibility for the things and thoughts we allow into our space! I also think when you distance yourself from unwanted drama and negativity, you will also see a difference in your life. 


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