When is enough, Enough? 


I’ve been asked the question: when is enough, enough? I believe that enough is enough, when you start to feel like nothing is working or the situation isn’t changing and you feel yourself becoming emotionally drained with a person/situation! When you get to that point where there’s nothing else for you to do, & you don’t have anymore fight in you… Then that’s when enough is enough! 

Many times we find ourselves fighting for a relationship, friendship, job or whatever because we love these people/things, & we tend to hold on to these things when we know they mean us NO good! We tend not to check ourselves in the process, we don’t check our self love or value because we tend to stay because these are just things we can’t let go of. We stay because this is the only love that we know and also because we fear the thought of starting over with someone/something new! We tend to settle for mediocre love, when we know we deserve someone/something better than what we’re receiving!

I guess the only thing I can tell anyone, if they’re faced with this situation is to do whatever it is you feel is best for you! If you feel like you’re emotionally and physically drained from this person or a situation, then it’s time to reevaluate the situation and choose happiness over misery! You’re not entitled to be with someone, or be somewhere you’re not feeling loved or valued! If you’re the only one trying to make things work, & you don’t feel the same with your partner because you feel as though they’ve mentally and emotionally checked out the relationship, then let it go! There’s nothing more you can do, because you’ve already did all you can do during the relationship! 


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