Staying true to myself and living my life on my own terms.


Question: What is the “right way” to live your life? You don’t know? Yeah me neither!

There’s nothing worser than a person who can’t truly be themselves, in a world full of judge mental people! It’s really sad how many times a person gets judged, talked about or feel like they’re lesser than someone else because of the way they choose to live their life. I think where the problems lie is when society and social media, has a certain imagine on how your life should be and what you should be doing because that’s just the way it “should” be.

I mean this life is totally yours, why wouldn’t you want to live it the way you want to live it? Why do we feel like if we’re not living life to certain standards, that we’re not qualified? Why can’t we enjoy our life, without the judgement of others? I guess the real question is why can’t I live my life, how I want to live it?

A few years ago, I decided to be unapologetically me and live my life without the cares of what “others” think. Staying true to myself, walking in my truth and living my life only in light is what makes me who I am and happy! I guess I just got to a point in my life where the bull crap couldn’t no longer exist, I was tired and emotionally drained! That’s what these types of things can do to a person, & that’s just something I didn’t want or need! It doesn’t matter if you’re doing good or bad, people is going to say whatever they feel they need to say about you regardless! So why should I stress about other people not liking or accepting my happiness? It’s MY happiness… Right?

I really had to reevaluate myself and change my perspective a lot! People will never understand your journey, & that’s okay! It’s yours, not theirs. I mean there are days where it’s like okay, I could be doing this and that but then again, I know God wants me to be exactly where I am at, in order for me to get to where I need to be and that’s totally fine with me!

Moral to the story:

Don’t ever limit yourself, reach higher and fully take advantage of every opportunity that you feel is best for you! Stop worrying about what other people think, & just DO it! You never know what’s out there until you get out of your comfort zone, & take chances!



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