I’ve been dating my boyfriend for the past 8 years, we met in middle school through a mutual friend and pretty much been dating every since! I wouldn’t say our relationship was serious back then, because we were so young! So I don’t know if I should say 8 years, but it has been 8 long years of great friendship. Before we started dating, we were friends, hanging out, having fun and doing stuff that normal teenagers do.

We would literally talk on the phone for hours, which is hilarious because we wouldn’t get off of the phone until one of our parents picked up the landline and say it’s such and such time, you’ll see him/her at school tomorrow. We did this for about 5 months, until he “Mike” decided to ask me to be his girlfriend. I definitely said yes, of course lol. Even with us going to different schools after our 9th grade year, we still kept in contact with each other and would arrange to see each other once a month.

I think it wasn’t until we were about 15-16 years old when our relationship began to get serious, I think we were both at a point in our lives where we felt like this was something we both wanted. Yeah I know, we were young butttt we just knew that we wanted each other and that was just that. We went from seeing each other once a month, to pretty much seeing each other a couple of times a week “if we weren’t working, or at school”. Mike ended up getting his license and buying a car, so yeah we were definitely seeing each other a whole lot more.

We had our first child “Autumn” very young 17 and 19 years old and I believe at that time is when we became more responsible, selfless adults and parents! I mean you would hear and see stories of young couples, having children but separating before or after the child was born. So in that sense, I didn’t know what our future held, but he was very supportive and more than ready to take on our new responsibility. His actions proved everything statistic said wrong, that’s why I love him so much!

I think it’s so important to build a friendship, before you jump into a relationship. Every relationship is different, that I do know! Establishing a friendship and getting to know the person you’re dating or see yourself being with long term is so important. People look at young couples and say all types of negative things and it really makes me kind of sad and disgusted that they wouldn’t be supportive of two people who are in love. I’m not saying this happened to us, but I’m just speaking in general.


2 thoughts on “Boyfriend.

  1. Just wondering if you all are married. I noticed you showed a picture that said “boyfriend”! I don’t know your faith but you are inspiring others with your real life thoughts and responsibilities. If your not married just would like to know why? You guys have a beautiful history and you should do it because it is honorable in the eyes of God! God bless you and your family!🙏🏽✌🏽️😘

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    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your comment! & no, we’re not married yet! It’s not that we don’t want to get married, but we just want it to happen at the right time and not do it because of other people wanting us to do it! We just living our life on our own terms, & weren’t religious. ❤️


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