Stop settling for disrespect. 


If you’re a person who loves and values yourself, being disrespected by another individual will never be tolerated in your life, period! I think that people know who they can disrespect and run over, because they’ll continue to do it especially if they see that that’s the type of behavior you allow into your life.

People who really love and respect you, will never disrespect you! & that’s as real as its going to get, setting some boundaries in your life on the things you will not tolerate or settle for should definitely be a priority! Also, If you’re constantly telling yourself this person loves me and cares about me, but their actions shows you other wise then maybe they really don’t love or care about you! It doesn’t matter how much you do for that individual, if they don’t want to love and respect you, then that’s just something they’re not going to do! It doesn’t matter how many times you allow that person back into your life, if they don’t want to change the way that they treat you then that’s just really what it is.

People mentally check themselves out of the relationship earlier on when they feel like it’s not going anywhere, the love or connection isn’t there anymore or whatever the case may be. Don’t get me wrong they will continue to be around, just to be around because they don’t want to let you go! So they continue to string you along with all of these lies, promises and etc. Some people are just controlling and will rather see you unhappy with them, instead of being happy with someone else!

Moral to the story: Don’t ignore the red flags you begin to see earlier on in the relationship, friendship or whatever the case may be.


2 thoughts on “Stop settling for disrespect. 

  1. This is really deep and i think im at this point in my life right now i just havent reached my breaking point a lot of things you be having to say i be needing to hear and take in thanks so much for sharing

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