Blog #2


Negative Energy

Negative energy will not consist in my life period this year, I don’t care who you are. If I don’t feel any positive vibes or your energy is off, you’ll simply be dismissed. I personally feel as though it should come a point in your life when certain behaviors shouldn’t even exist, you shouldn’t be around people who don’t want to better themselves, their lives, or anything in that nature! Negative people will only drain you and that you do NOT need, period! If you’re constantly having to ignore people because you simply don’t want to associate yourself with them, then you don’t need to have “those” types of friends around you!
I guess over the years I’ve had my share of friendships and I must say that it’s just something I don’t need at this point, I’m fine with having one or two close friends. People don’t understand the importance of being a true friend, being supportive, genuine and non judge mental. You shouldn’t have to be around people who you feel you can’t genuinely be yourself, afraid of expressing your feelings and emotions, & just having someone who’s going to listen without judging. Those are things people don’t understand, & that’s just why I don’t try to make any new friends because of these things.

I tried making new friends and it NEVER works, like NEVER! First I thought it was me, but now I’m realizing it’s them! I’m not the type of person who likes to sit on the phone everyday talking for hours, texting, going out and anything in that nature! That has never been me, period! I mean I’ll go out here and there, but I have children and people without children will never understand these things. Trying to find a baby sitter, or getting the days off, or whatever the case might be it just doesn’t work for me! I’m more so of a home body, I like to be at home where it’s safe and I can be comfortable without being around a lot of unnecessary drama

Maybe I am boring because I don’t like to party and hang out every single weekend, & you know what? I’m fine with that! Maybe I just need to find friends that are more like me, people who don’t need to be in every turn up, but will rather have lunch, shop, get manicures/pedicures and just enjoy each other’s company!


4 thoughts on “Blog #2

  1. I am the same way a home body there is nothing wrong with it i enjoy being with my kids and out the b.s and drama and keep doing you I’m so proud of you and everything you do you have your priorities in order keep up the good work love ya.

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    1. Yes, I hate when people try to make you feel like it’s a bad thing that you don’t do things “they” do. & thank you cousin, I appreciate it. & love you too! ❤️


      1. Maybe we can hang out more, cause I go through the same stuff and none of my friends have kids and sometimes I need a break go out to eat with a girlfriend or something.

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