Everyday I am finding comfort in just BEING.

Growing and allowing myself to freely feel.

Without any conditions or limitations.

In the beginning it wasn’t easy.

Shit some days seem harder than most.

Harder to breathe.

Harder to embrace the unknown.

Harder to understand shit YOU just don’t understand.

But what I do know…

It gets better and easier in due time.

Once you begin to self-reflect, invest, dig deeper and embrace ALL of you.

The good, bad and the ugly.

The days where you don’t feel like loving yourself.

The days where you want to fuck shit up.

The days where you’re glowing and NOTHING or NO ONE can get in YOUR way.

The days where you just don’t know what to do, say or think.

All of these days…

The biggest thing for you to do when these days come….



Once I decided to STOP running from this journey.

My truth.




Peace of mind.

This journey began to become a little more clear.

I found comfort.





Whenever I begin to get discouraged because I am HUMAN…

I go back to my WHY.

Why did I start this journey?

Why do I want to be free?

Why do I deserve happiness?

I learned that when you go back to your why, you begin to tap back into your power.

Your why gives you strength, courage and purpose to become a BETTER you.

It helps you get back to your mission and journey there.

Even if you have to start over a million times.


You’ll be good.

The biggest thing I’ve faced with this journey is being completely honest and vulnerable with MYSELF.

Opening up.

No judgement.

No limits.

No bullshit.


Whatever that is.

Quick reminder….

During this self-love journey….

I want you to be mind(FUL) that EVERYONE’S definition of self-love is different.

What I feel/think may be self-love….

Might not be self-love to someone else.

& that’s absolutely okay.

I believe it’s important to not generalize or project what we feel onto other people.

Because we are all different.

We learn and internalize things differently.


Takeia Cage ūüíč



Can I be completely honest?

I don’t give myself enough credit.

I’m beyond hard on myself.

I often let my anxiety get the best of me.

I get so overwhelmed that I shut down.

It’s not healthy.

I know this.

I’m working on it.

I’m human.

& it’s okay.

I’m learning to genuinely love the parts of me that I knit-pick everyday.

Some days I love these things and other days I hate them.

It doesn’t matter how hard I try to embrace these things…

I just can’t seem to embrace them…

People think that you’re supposed to be 100% confident.

But I would say I’m 85% confident within myself.

The other 15% are things I’m still struggling with.

But in due time I’ll be able to embrace + heal these parts.

I’m not perfect.

I know I’ll never be perfect.

I’m finally coming to terms with that.

It’s frustrating as hell.

But it’s okay.

The crazy thing about life is taking full responsibility for your shit.

Owning it.

Reflecting on it.

Pushing forward.

Right now…

I am taking full responsibility of my shit.

I am choosing to honor and show up for myself daily.

Even when I feel like shit.

I’m going to show up.


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I also want you to also know that you’re worth the investment, and that you deserve to live in your truth, EVERYDAY!


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Unplugging is very important to me.

Taking time to re-focus and align myself.

Pouring into myself.

Showing up for myself.

Eliminating unnecessary distractions.

Focusing more on the things I need to be doing.

When I need to be doing them.

Utilizing my planner.


Checking things off.

Being productive, rather than busy.

Manifesting the things I want.

Investing more into my brand.

Speaking less.

Doing more.

Embracing growth.

Standing in my truth.

Shinning light on the positives.

Without facing the negatives with negativity.

Shifting my focus on being more centered in the now.

Not rushing anything.

Just letting everything flow.


Quick message:

When you are feeling as though you need to know what God is doing in your life, use that time to focus on what YOU need to be doing in your life, while he is making things happen behind the scene.

I think we get so caught up with wanting to know everything and every little detail that we miss out on the amazing things that’s happening around us.

Which can sometimes make us miss out on so many little blessings we tend to overlook, because we’re so busy wanting to know every single thing God is doing on our behalf.

Just be a little more patient.

Re-focus and center yourself in the NOW.


Takeia Cage

Life is always speaking to you and through you.

This year I have been allowing life to speak to me and through me.

I am allowing myself to fully trust the process.

Whatever the process is.

I’m trusting it.

There isn’t an end date.

Just a journey you are going to be on.


My mind, body and soul is open wide.

God has been telling me to enjoy these moments.

Without neglecting the lessons.

Life is always teaching you something.


It’s overwhelming.

But I feel free.

I am reminded that there is purpose in every single lesson life is teaching you.

I am also reminded that this life of mine is constantly changing.

My purpose is bigger than me.

It’s mind blowing.

But in a good way.

I am becoming more patient.

Matter of fact….

Life is teaching me self-discipline and control.

There are days where things don’t make sense.

But there is signs all around me.


Keep going.

Never forget your WHY.

You were created for this.

God didn’t put you here to give up on what you were called to do.

You are allowed to stop.

To re-focus.

& re-discover your higher self.

It’s okay.

Life is about learning and unlearning things.

Embrace it all.

Feel every emotion.

Don’t hide anything from yourself.

Because life is always speaking to you and through you.


Takeia Cage

Choosing ME

As¬†I¬†am¬†entering this new season in¬†my life….

Things are beginning to align perfectly.

Healthy boundaries have been set.

Toxic holds have been released.

I am FINALLY choosing ME.

I am making my peace and happiness a priority.


It feels good to know that YOU can start completely over whenever YOU want to.

When YOU want to.

When YOU are ready, great things WILL find YOU.

I didn’t have to have it all together.

Even though we often feel as though we HAVE to have it all together before great things happen.

I just needed to be more open to receiving it.

Receiving ALL that was meant for ME.

Whatever that was.

I was finally OKAY with embracing the unknown.

I was open.

Ready like never before.

Releasing the things I thought I needed to control.

Like time.

Even though it doesn’t wait on no one.

I was practicing self-discipline + control.

Learning that it was ALL apart of his plan and NOT mine.

Those lessons was nothing but blessings.

Being fearful was too draining.

I had to release.

I had to learn how to let go.

Even when it hurt like HELL.

I felt better afterwards.


Telling myself ” Girl, YOU could’ve BEEN did this”.


Oh well.

I finally surrendered all of me.

I’m finally choosing ME.


Takeia Cage

Pushing through….


I’ve been¬†so intentional with my time and the¬†things I give my energy to.

Being abundantly grateful for the life I have and CURRENTLY creating.

Embracing the uncertainty without putting any limitations on myself.

My heart is so full.

Fuller than it has ever been.

Things I didn’t have a clue about¬†is finally¬†becoming clearer each and everyday.

I think it’s really bizarre how the moment we feel as though we have nothing.

God turns around and bless us with so much MORE.

Life is truly what you make of it.

There’s something out there that’s just for YOU.

Don’t give up.

Don’t stop looking for whatever that is.

I also want to let you in on a little secret….

It’s inside of you.

It starts with YOU.

Keep learning and being open to experiencing new things.


YOUR happiness is a choice that YOU have to make.

I am making that choice everyday.

Even when things get a little rough.

I am still pushing through.



Takeia Cage